Pizza Hut Franchisee Offers Payroll Debit Cards For Staff


TFG Card Solutions has provided the employees at JGJ Management’s nine Pizza Hut franchises with payroll debit cards. The cards allow unbanked employees to have immediate access to their paycheck without check cashing fees.

“The TFG Visa Paycard allows every employee at each of our nine Pizza Hut locations to participate in direct deposit, offering a safer, cheaper, more efficient alternative to a paper check. Our previously unbanked employees can now avoid the long lines and fees of check cashing stores,” said Mike Luster, owner of the Pizza Hut franchise. “Additionally, our company eliminates check delivery fees and stop payment fees for lost paychecks. The TFG Paycard is a huge benefit to our employees, our bottom line and our paperless initiative.”

JGJ Management formed the Pizza Hut project as a way to reach out to the under-served areas in Chicago. The project has created 60 new Pizza Hut jobs for those struggling in the slow economy.

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