Brothers Take A Breather

Victoria Times Colonist:

If Terry Mellett is having a hard time letting go, he’s not showing it. Either he’s a solid card player with a seasoned poker face, or the co-founder of Sports Traders has come to terms with stepping away from the business after 30 years of selling new and used skates, skis, bats and balls.

Mellett, 53, and his older brother and business partner, Allan, 65, have sold the sprawling Sports Traders store on Discovery Street. And according to the younger of the two Saskatchewan natives, that fact alone allows the pair to walk away with few regrets or wistful tears.

“You look at it and it’s your baby, but what would really have been sad is if we hadn’t been able to find a buyer and we’d have had to close shop and sell off the inventory,” he said. “After 30 years of working, I would have hated to see us close and lock the door.”

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