$8,000 In One Day Via Facebook Ads


In a nice counter argument to startup Limited Run’s claim that 80% of the clicks on its ads were bots, an entrepreneur has stepped up to provide a real-life example in which he made $8,000 in one day via Facebook ads.

The entrepreneur, Brendan Irvine-Broque, is the director of growth for PageLever. In a post on his personal blog that made Hacker News, Irvine-Broque claims he made $10,000 on Saturday, May 12, after holding an event in his backyard in which he sold 6,000 vinyl records for $3 each.

Irvine-Broque had previously run a business selling vintage vinyl records and he was eager to get rid of them. He says he spent about $2,000 for the bulk of those records. Marketing costs were cheap: He created a Facebook Event, shared it on the platform and bought about $150 worth of Facebook ads to promote the event.

In response, Irvine-Broque got 341 people who claimed they were attending and 104 maybes. The upshot:

At the end of the day, hundreds of happy customers later, I counted $10,000 in cash (and some payments accepted via Square – yes, I’m reporting the income, IRS). Over 3000 records sold in one afternoon. The majority of my customers came from Facebook Ads, so what is the calculated ROI, 2000%? 3000%? You do the math.

Irvine-Broque writes that the argument over bots is immaterial.

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