USA Today:

A growing number of Americans are making Greek yogurt part of their mornings — to the tune of $1.2 billion in projected sales by the end of this year, says market researcher Mintel.

And brands including Pinkberry, Ben & Jerry’s and even PepsiCo are all trying to lure health-conscious customers with their own versions of the newest craze in the dairy aisle.

Pinkberry, a high-end franchise from Los Angeles, is known for its fresh and tangy frozen yogurt in seasonal flavors, paired with everything from fruit to nuts to cookie crumbs. Now customers in markets including L.A., Boston and Washington, D.C., can add those toppings to plain Greek yogurt.

“We think it’s a very natural evolution and progression,” CEO Ron Graves says of entering the Greek yogurt market. “We’ve always been about yogurt and about fresh.”

The stores are opening earlier to accommodate the fact that Americans often eat yogurt for breakfast, Graves says. The menu also offers savory yogurt combinations traditional in Europe, such as one topped with pesto, olives and tomatoes.