Statistics state that more than 69% of American households own pets; but they are either too busy or too old to take proper care of them. This in other words means that pet franchise opportunities are on the rise. if one is looking for a career opportunity in this sector, there is great potential in the market to make your business a thriving one. So why choose a franchise? One can easily open up a pet sitting business on his/her own but being associated with a big name has many advantages..

It is not only the big name which helps business owners to establish themselves over a period of time. To operate a successful pet care business, one has to be a pet lover; but there are also many technicalities that one needs to be aware of. Those opting for pet franchises get hand on training, which as an independent business owner will have to learn by experience. What’s more, they will be provided with all kinds manuals detailing different operations, human resource utilization, legal and accounting procedures etc. Then there is the question of marketing. One may start a dog walking business; but how will his/her prospective clients be aware of that? If, for example, one is a Fetch franchise holder, they will do everything in their capacity to spread the word. Therefore, it does make sense to opt for a Fetch Pet Care franchise.