The following is by Brian Patrick about his new book Selling On Amazon Simplified: How I Make $2,700 Every Month.

This book will explain the exact online selling process that anybody can replicate, but very few do. Learn how I make close to $3,000 a month in just part time hours, all from the comforts of my home. You will be exposed to the business model I like to refer to as “Retail Flipping” – which is ultimately the process of buying extremely discounted products from your local brick and mortar stores and reselling for high profits on Amazon.

Why Selling on Amazon is the Best Home Based Business

By 2014, online retail sales are projected to hit $250 billion. Start today by leveraging Amazon’s online marketplace and become one of the early entrants to the fastest growing and most profitable industry today.

In this book you will be taught:

  • The reselling business model I follow, which allows me to make a full time salary in less than 18 hours of work a month
  • How to find highly profitable items anywhere to sell on Amazon for up to a 10x markup
  • How to leverage Amazon’s e-commerce platform so you work less, but earn more than sellers using other marketplaces.

Bonus Case Study

Walk with me through one of my most profitable months. I break down the numbers, inventory, sales, and strategy that helped me earn $2,800 in a recent month. You will understand first hand how my system works, and how you can replicate or surpass my efforts in a matter of days.