Sometimes your latest creation will help millions of people, and sometimes a little product placement in a movie will make millions believe they want it. One inventor has been lucky enough to get his gun placed in the latest Bourne movie, reports Redlands Daily Facts.

The long-range, bolt-action rifle that Jeremy Renner’s character “Aaron Cross” uses to take out bad guys on the silver screen was created and built by former San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy-turned-entrepreneur Dave Ives.

Ives was approached by more than one company to supply the movie with his ingeniously designed creation.

This bolt-action tactical hunting rifle can be broken down in less than a minute and can collapse and fit into a specialized backpack for secure transportation of the weapon.

The weapon improves the odds for precision long-distance hits and complete accuracy, according to Ives.

“We had a dream of designing the ultimate lightweight and tactically definitive weapon,” Ives explained. “We came up with the Vanquish.”