DQ Grill & Chill Franchisee Says More On Way

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

Dairy Queen has been around long enough to prompt pleasant memories of childhood — of summer station-wagon trips with kids laughing in the back seat, of colorfully sprinkled ice cream cones dripping on hot asphalt… you get the idea.

Dairy Queen, you’ll be happy to know, is still around, though the name has evolved to a minimalist DQ and the menu now reaches into realms far beyond ice cream.

One of the full-service DQs, called DQ Grill & Chill, has opened at 1100 Jefferson Road, near the Tops supermarket.

As the name implies, the restaurant serves burgers, fries and related items while still offering the Blizzard and others treats from its famous sweet-things repertoire.

The reception was immediately positive.

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