If You Represent Franchisors And Franchisees, Are You Serving Your Clients Well?

National Post:

Given how specialized franchise law is, both franchisors and franchisees are encouraged to retain lawyers with expertise and experience in franchising, not ones who just dabble in the area. There are new franchise decisions coming out all of the time with outcomes that do not always reflect the plain reading of certain franchise law provisions. In other words, it’s not enough for a lawyer to know which provinces have franchise legislation and what those laws say. To properly advise a franchisor or franchisee client, a lawyer needs to read a lot of franchise cases and understand how the courts have applied franchise legislation in varying circumstances.

Some good ways to find Canadian franchise lawyers are to canvass the list of lawyer members of the Canadian Franchise Association at http://bit.ly/Nsityr and to check the Franchise Law section of the following Canadian legal directories: Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory 2012 at http://bit.ly/OTuPir and Best Lawyers of Canada 2012 at http://bit.ly/PeYVgW. Read more.

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