Aromatherapy Starjuice Style

Aromatherapy was something that Darcey Pickard loved. Owning her own massage practice, Darcey definitely knew what she was doing when she started to create her own Starjuice aromatherapy oils.

It wasn’t until the birth of her son, though, that she decided it was time to try a new route. She’d been selling Starjuice to friends and clients before, but now she wanted to cut back on doing massage and focus more on selling her Starjuice to people that may not be as local and don’t already know about her product.

Darcey’s product is unique because she doesn’t stick with the traditional. She does mixes until she finds a mix that matches what she believes to be a good one to use. Through her blending of the oils, she has managed to create a product that any massage and aromatherapy lover will enjoy.

I must admit I don’t hear about moms that earn their income through aromatherapy oils. That makes Darcey and her business very unique compared to traditional style mom businesses. It also reaches out to the moms out there who’d like to relax at the end of the day and are looking for the right aromatherapy oils to do that with.

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