The Franchise Magazine:

With the Paralympics currently taking place in London, the spotlight is on those with disabilities competing at the highest level to realise their dreams of winning Paralympic Gold.

These athletes are proving that no matter what physical disabilities they have, as long as they are determined, talented and committed, it is no barrier to being successful in their chosen sport. This is not only true of sports, but also in the world of business, and more specifically, franchising.

One man who has proven that having a disability is not a hindrance to owning a franchise is Andy Easter, who was born with mild cerebral palsy and has been running his Autosheen franchise for over a year.

When he initially started looking at investing in an Autosheen franchise, Andy found that the car valeting franchise was supportive of his disability, especially Managing Director Paul Fennell. Andy explains: “We discussed the potential problems, but positively. Paul’s approach was ‘how can we overcome this together?’. I was impressed by his ‘can do’ attitude – and I think he was equally impressed with mine.” More.