24-Hour Licence Set For Rejection

Lancashire Evening Post:

A fast food restaurant boss has said plans to reject his bid for a 24-hour licence will stop him creating new jobs.

Nigel Dunnington, the franchisee of the McDonald’s on Churchill Way, Leyland, said he plans to create up to 12 new roles if he secures the new licence for the restaurant.

But, planning officials have called for councillors to refuse his application to extend his opening hours arguing it is “a flash point” for anti-social behaviour.

The franchisee said the drive-thru part of the restaurant already opened until 2am and said reports of problems were “historic.”

Mr Dunnington said: “There are no issues connected with the drive-thru and it is unfair to talk about the issues because they have not been a problem for a long time.

“We work closely with the police and speak to people living near to the restaurant and they do not have issues.

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