This is Gloucestershire:

Named Ventz, Martin was invited to speak about the creation on Simon Mayo’s BBC Radio 2 ‘Innovations’ show last week. Since then he has been inundated with interest in the product.

He said “There have been calls from Germany, South Africa, the US and Australia, along with a skiing company who are interested in adapting the technology. It’s literally going worldwide.”

Ideas for the invention, which is patented, were ignited after a personal experience with the issue. Martin said: “Often when touring myself, and as many other motorcyclists I’m sure are aware, when you’re riding for a long time and in the sun, the heat can become unbearable.

“I got fed up with the problem, scratched my head on what I could possibly do, and then spent the last 12 months developing this product and getting it to where it is now.”

The item works by slotting under the cuff of a rider’s jacket, with the air vent helping to create a regular flow of cool air underneath motorcyclist’s protective clothing. Special materials used in the formation of the item also ensure it is comfortable on the skin, and shatterproof in the event of any accident.