Chatime Franchisee Works To Ensure Bubble Tea Not Just A Fad

The Sun Daily:

Loob Holdings Sdn Bhd, which operates the Taiwan-based bubble tea franchise Chatime in Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam, is working hard to cultivate a modern tea-drinking culture among Malaysians by creating a market for tea drinkers and expanding accessibility to tea-based drinks, in order to ensure that milk tea is not just a fad.

Instead of focusing on how much money it is making from the milk tea chain, its managing director Bryan Loo said Loob is looking to improve brand awareness and accessibility to Chatime.

“We hope to eventually make tea drinking part of the culture of Malaysians, much like drinking coffee has become a national pastime,” he told SunBiz in an interview.

While we have a strong coffee culture dating back over 30 years, Loo remains optimistic about the tea industry as demand for the beverage has grown, as evident from Chatime’s sales figures. It sells about 1.5 million cups per month, with over 20 milk tea varieties on its menu.

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