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Emma Sayle may arrive in what looks suspiciously like sleepwear, suffering from the after-effects of an all-day wine tasting – but she can go from slouch to sex kitten in 60 seconds. From her cavernous bag, Emma whips out a little blue dress by a chic Parisian designer. She smoothes her hair, moistens her lips, hoists her never-ending legs up on to the sofa – and all but purrs.

As the camera clicks and flashes, the 34-year-old sex-party entrepreneur suddenly remembers her one demand. “I don’t want to see the word ‘swinging’ anywhere in the article,” she announces. “’Orgies’ is fine.”

Seven years ago, Emma founded Killing Kittens, a company dedicated to helping women explore their fantasies. Ever since, in stately homes and luxury penthouses, she has hosted hundreds of exclusive sex parties for society’s most beautiful people.

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