RadioShack Announces Kuala Lumpur Grand Openings With Berjaya

Sacramento Bee:

RadioShack Corp., a leading national retailer of innovative mobile and technology products, services and accessories, today announced grand openings in Kuala Lumpur for its first two locations in Southeast Asia operated with master franchisee Berjaya RS Sd. Bhd., a subsidiary of Berjaya Retail Berhad, the Malaysian retailing conglomerate.

Today Berjaya debuts its first stand-alone RadioShack location in Mid Valley Megamall and a second store-in-store location within a Berjaya-operated Borders bookstore franchise in The Gardens Mall, both in Kuala Lumpur.

RadioShack announced a long-term master-franchise agreement with Berjaya earlier this year, under which Berjaya is the franchise developer for at least 1,000 locations across Southeast Asia. Berjaya Retail Berhad is owned by the major shareholder of Berjaya Corporation, which reported combined revenues of $7.06 billion (USD) across its diversified holdings in fiscal year 2011.

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