‘Little’ Food Franchises Reap Big Success


Kumain ka na ba?” (Have you eaten?)

We, Filipinos, never fail to ask this of guests in our house, it is almost like a greeting. Indeed, food has been ingrained in our culture.

From the lechon being star of the town fiesta, to coffee shops and restaurants being the preferred meeting spot for friends and family, there’s no doubt that Filipinos love to eat. This is probably also why food businesses have become lucrative in the country.

However, starting them is not all a piece of cake. As with any business venture, there is always risk of losing whatever capital you’ve put in due to the changing tastes of customers.

Then, there are those big, established names in the local food world always threatening to take your patrons away. This is exactly why franchising is the less risky way of gaining big success in the food service business. More.

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