Pepsi to Sell Garbanzo Beans


Fast Company:

In the future, we all may eat a lot more chickpeas. That’s because PepsiCo just announced its participation in Enterprise EthioPEA, an initiative that aims to dramatically increase chickpea production in Ethiopia to increase both economic and nutritional security in the country. And PepsiCo has a vested interest in the project that goes beyond just helping Ethiopians; the company wants more of a chickpea supply for its products.

The initiative, a partnership between PepsiCo, USAID, and the UN World Food Programme, will work with 10,000 farmers in Ethiopia to help them reap a twofold increase in chickpea production using irrigation and advanced agricultural practices. EthioPEA also plans to devlop a supplementary chickpea-based food (chickpeas are a more sustainable alternative to meat) that will eventually reach almost 40,000 Ethiopian children that are at risk or suffering from malnutrition.

Chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans.

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