A reader wrote in to tell me about his business opportunity:

Hi Dane, I have a math education software program I license to schools and sell to homeschoolers. I’m looking for educators, probably retired, to represent CapJaxMathFax to their local school districts and homeschoolers in their area.

It’s a part time opportunity, but we’re offering over $300 per school the first license year and $150 per school per year after that. Current retail to homeschoolers is $45.00, discounted 50% to agents.

More info is available at www.capjax.com.

From the site:

Elementary and Montessori teachers use math drills for basic math training and assessment. Many teachers rely on homework with flashcards to build math learning. CapJaxMathFax Math software works best to teach arithmetic skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The goal is numeracy and automaticity.

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