Inflatable Jacket Launched on Kickstarter

Klymit, the Utah company known for creating NobleTekâ„¢ argon gas insulation for outdoor gear and apparel, has launched a Kickstarter project as a potential funding source for the production of the Klymit Ulaar Jacket.

The campaign went live on the Kickstarter website on October 11, 2012 and will run until November 9, 2012. During that time, backers of the project can make financial pledges as little as one dollar to go toward bringing the Klymit Ulaar Jacket to market. At each pledge level, Klymit is offering its backers swag and gear on a scale that reflects the level of support. For example, for a $5 pledge, backers receive a Klymit sticker. For a $250 pledge they will be one of the first people in the world to receive the Klymit Ulaar Jacket once the project is a success and the product is made. If 100% of the $40-thousand goal is not reached, backers will not pay their pledge.

“This is a unique opportunity for us,” says Klymit President Cory Tholl. “We are successful in bringing our current products to market and our customers are extremely happy with what we’ve been able to do so far. But the cost of doing business doesn’t leave a lot of room to turn revolutionary new products like the Ulaar Jacket into reality. We have our own prototyping machine and beta testing system, but we knew we needed a creative funding source to mass produce the Klymit Ulaar Jacket. We know this product works and will drastically improve anyone’s outdoor experience. So now we are looking to the community to help us share this innovation.”

Klymit is known for developing radical technology for outdoor gear solutions, including NobleTek argon gas insulation in the Kinetic vest line, loft pockets and body mapping in the Inertia sleeping pad line and Nanomax breathability for technical shells.

“We can’t not keep unveiling next-generation technology and products,” says Cory Tholl. “We can’t keep the Ulaar Jacket to ourselves. But as we fill orders for our vests, packs, sleeping bags, apparel and sleeping pads, we also can’t afford to pull funding from our current operations to product the Ulaar. That’s why we felt a Kickstarter project was the perfect fit.”

The Ulaar Jacket: When the Nobletek chambers are inflated, the Ulaar conforms to the body snugly, capturing body heat and recirculating it throughout the core. The Ulaar keeps users warm even in wet conditions and it is windproof, comfortable and lightweight.

Product Specs: The Klymit Ulaar varies from 1.5 to 4.5 clo and includes these features:

  • Low Friction 50D Polyester Shell 
  • Bamboo Charcoal Impregnated Liner
  • Fully Taped Seams
  • Articulated Hood
  • Waist Cinch Straps
  • Welded Arm Pockets
  • Double Slider Water Resistant Zippers
  • XS – XXXL
  • Includes the Dry Air Pump for endless number of inflations.

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