All new moms have the urge to stay home with their child right before they have to go back to work. Then there are some women like Sidney Miller that find a way to do it and still make a living too, reports 12 News.

After she got married, and got a fabulous mixer, she baked cookies. “There’s just something so American about a chocolate chip cookie,” says Miller. She baked and baked. It took about 7 years of experimenting, until she came up with what she thought was the perfect recipe. Friends asked her about the ingredients all the time but she kept them a secret. She thought, maybe, one day, that move would come in handy. When home with baby Annie the thought of opening her own cookie business, once again, entered her mind. She started experimenting with sending her cookies through the mail and one day that led to an actual order (the guy standing behind her in a USPS line ordered 5 dozen after tasting them). She then put the “opening” of “Sid’s Viciously Good Cookies” on Facebook and it sort of went viral. She was getting orders galore. It took off without her, almost, she says.

That’s when she quickly realized she needed to get legit. She contacted the state health department, found a commercial grade kitchen, got a business license and opened up “shop” in February of 2009. Things continued to happen fast. A few months later “A-J’s” started selling her cookies (she’s now in 11 stores), last fall she was voted “best of the valley” in Phoenix Magazine. And soon after, she was named one of the “35 under 35” in the Arizona Republic.

Screenshot from Sid’s Viciously Good Cookies