Photo by Wigwam Jones

It seems that you can combine anything with coffee and make a business out of it. A Oregon woman has started a coffee and dancing establishment:

Darlene Chapman isn’t looking for Dancing with the Stars competitors at her new business, Jitterbug n Java. She is looking instead for music lovers who want to socialize, drink coffee and dance on her 1,000-square-foot hardwood dance floor.

“This is a different kind of social outlet for Reedsport,” Chapman said. “It’s about life, great coffee, good friends, delightful dance and music” not the great outdoors.”

Chapman took up dancing as a social outlet when she was a single mother raising four kids.

“Dancing helped relieve my stress,” she said.

Photo by Kanaka Menehune

My wife’s grandparents are in their late 70s and 80s and dance nearly every week. It keeps them sharp, both physically and mentally. I can only imagine that coffee would help.

Photos by Wigwam Jones and Kanaka Menehune..

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