WhatRunsWhere, the year-old service that enables advertisers and ad agencies to track competitors’ online and mobile ad campaigns, has launched WhatRunsWhere Advantage, a stand-alone service dedicated to tracking ads across the Google Display Network, which allows smaller businesses to create and place ads across thousands of websites worldwide.

The new service is being offered at an introductory price of $20 per month, or $200 annually.

WhatRunsWhere Advantage works by visiting thousands of websites across the Internet, collecting data about the advertisements running on them, and then turning that raw data into actionable information that is easy for users to digest and understand — so that they can improve their own ad campaigns. With the Google Display Network being one of the largest sources of advertising in the world, WhatRunsWhere Advantage brings affordable and robust information to anyone looking to advertise online.

“With WhatRunsWhere Advantage, anyone involved in online marketing can now – at the lowest cost ever — easily see which of their competitors are running display ads via the Google network, and pinpoint exactly which individual ads are running in a large variety of countries across the globe,” said Mike Cojanu, chief executive officer of WhatRunsWhere. “By dissecting their competitors use of Google display advertising both locally and at the previously hidden international level, WhatRunsWhere Advantage users can reduce risk and gain higher ROI for their own campaigns.”

“Many of our smaller customers place ads only on the Google Display Network, so they didn’t need the more robust capabilities of the complete WhatRunsWhere solution, which includes competitive intelligence of banner and text ad campaigns across the entire web and mobile universe,” added Cojanu. “So we developed WhatRunsWhere Advantage to zero in on their needs while reducing their costs.”

“With eMarketer recently forecasting that Google will pass Facebook as the leader in display advertising this year, the timing for WhatRunsWhere’s new standalone offering is perfect,” said Debbie Landa, founder of GrowLabs and GrowTalks.