Aim and Goal of Business Studies –

It is a branch of social sciences that allows the complete study of many objects such as marketing, finance and accountancy together.

Some of the vital elements of this subject are real time analytics, critical reflexes to scrutinize and have solution of a given problem. It incorporates intelligence from subject like Math, Law, Sociology, Digital Literacy and Political Science.

Need of Business Studies

It does not matter whether you live in city or village. All students around the world will face business situation and they must be organized in order to do that. Young generation have the need to comprehend the skills in this subject, opportunities created by it and the impact of it on their lives as well as of society. Students who create expertise in this field are very unlikely to be out of job.

It helps individual to build strong base who wish to have expertise in a particular business areas. It imparts practical knowledge and prepares students to act in real time situations. They will be able to apply the knowledge of other subjects in the study of business and vice versa.

The Aim of Business Studies

Some of the major Goals of Business Studies are as follows:

  1. Study of various sector of business to have a basic understanding of the system.

  2. Build up the skills that incorporate critical thinking along with the tactics that offers conduct research.

  3. Implement the information, proficiency and approach through the lessons of business studies that help individual to tackle any situations.

  4. The changing environment, the global economy does not affect the individual as they have developed lifelong learning skills.

5 Areas of Specialization that are offered by All Business Studies Courses

The prospectus of business studiers till grade 12 offers a variety of courses, but they all have their pillars of effective learning and skills in five major areas that area as follows:

  1. Business skills: It teaches an individual the necessary research and skills to succeed in any form of business.

  2. Communication in a business environment: Communication is the most important factor when it comes to business and it teaches student various tactics of approach.

  3. Digital literacy: The capabilities to utilize modern technology, communication tools, comprehend, create, evaluate and integrate information.

    1. Financial literacy: It is the broad study financial communication for professional and personal purposes.
  4. Legal, Moral and Ethical reflection in business: It helps in comprehension of social and environmental consequences and their affect on national and global levels.

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Business studies are an Art and it demands both research and need to face real time problems in order to gain expertise and succeed in it. The best advantage is that it imparts practical knowledge and skills to those who wish to move to the industry directly.