Caribbean Food Truck Promotes With Twitter

Jerk Station

The food truck craze is really sweeping the nation. Today I received word of an authentic Caribbean food truck in Seattle called Jerk Station.

The owner and chef Michael Cunningham has been using fliers and Twitter to promote his business:

To promote his new business, Cunningham, who has a masters of business administration in marketing, said he did a lot of footwork by passing out flyers before he opened, but he has also utilized social media, promoting the Jerk Station on Twitter (his handle is @CaribreosoCater) and Facebook. Through Twitter, Cunningham said he is able to communicate directly with customers, giving them real-time information about what he’s selling and even taking suggestions on what people want.

“It’s been growing pretty quickly,” he said, adding that posting pictures brings in more followers as well.

Do you know of any unique food trucks in your area?

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