Cornerstone Learning Cloud

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 60% of all new jobs in the 21st century will require skills that only 20% of employees have. In a market increasingly penalized by a lack of strategic skills and talent available, it is absolutely imperative that your staff are able to meet your goals.

Management solution for the formation of Cornerstone Learning Cloud gives you ways to maximize your talents guaranteeing you perfectly targeted training programs, so that training initiatives are not exempted randomly but they provide an effective response to identified gaps and allow the company to increase productivity.

It is now easy to access relevant information from multiple sources. The fact is that vocational training is now permanent and takes different forms. If your employees do not always care about the form in which it presents itself, however they wish to benefit from specific programs, which allow them to be more efficient in their work.

Learning Cloud provides access to both courses e-Learning and virtual room , with instructor-led training , to social collaboration tools and features content management . The platform integrates the outset some 30,000 e-Learning courses ready 25 leading content providers.

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