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TerrePURE from Terrasentia is an innovative, yet completely natural, process that is AN application of technology to improving the taste of distilled spirits. Unlike simple filtration, re-distillation, or barrel aging, *(the traditional methods of improving taste) their process removes a greater amount of harsh tasting minor alcohols and free radicals and provides additional taste enhancements to spirits of all types, yielding award-winning, ultra premium spirits in every category.

They focus on providing spirits for retailers wishing to leverage their existing brand, as well as for non-retailers seeking to launch a new one. Their private label products represent a complete solution for retailers, as they take care of all development, regulatory, design, packaging, and distribution details. Private labeling of a line of distilled spirits allows a retailer to promote its own brand identity, increase brand credibility with high quality product, and increase profit margins without upfront costs or minimum orders.

Video introduction below.

A Brief Overview of the TerrePURE® Process from Daniel Hewlette on Vimeo.

Photo by Alexander Raths/ShutterStock.

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