Kitt’n and Shake’n

In my continuing coverage of Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest, I’ve just had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Berto, President of Equi-Tee Manufacturing.

Kitt'n and Shake'n

What product did you submit to Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest?

Kitty Clean Automatic Litter Box Scoop

Where’d the idea come from?

We make sifting tools for other industries ranging to manure forks for cleaning horse stable to bunker rakes for sifting golf course bunker debris. When we go to shows and Expos, clients always remark that they would like a smaller one for cleaning cat litter boxes. We finally listened.

What’s your background (and day job)?

Inventor, farmer, helicopter pilot

What difficulties did you have creating the product?

Finding a manufacturing and sales partner to build it in large enough quantities so that it meets a required price point.

Have you sold any?

Not in this small version. We have been selling the full size Shake’n Forks and Shake’n Rakes for 5 years.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Think small, don’t give up your day job. Have fun, invent in a market you are familiar with. Don’t believe anyone is going to make you rich.

A video of the Kitt’n and Shake’n can be seen below.

Their Get on the Shelf link is

Good luck Joseph!

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