Grab a Piece of $35,000: Enter the Innovative Product Competition

Grow America’s Innovative Product Competition

If you’ve been struggling to find the cash to launch or expand your business, you’ll be elated to hear about Grow America’s nationwide competition, which begins Jan. 28, 2013. It’s open to any U.S. entrepreneur over age 18 who has an innovative product to sell (or at least an idea for an innovative product).

Grow America, in conjunction with its partners Intuit and Fishbowl Inventory, is giving away a total of $35,000 in no-strings-attached cash to the winners of this dynamic online competition.

Get exposure for your product, create connections to funding sources and participate in mentoring from world-class business experts.

Click Here to Enter Grow America’s Innovative Product Competition Now!

How the Competition Works

Once you enter your product in the competition, you can use Grow America’s CrowdLift™ platform to get your community, the social community and entrepreneurial networks to vote for your idea and help the best innovations rise to the top.

Every vote and share gets you closer to winning the cash. The Top 50 participants will be named as finalists. Expert judges will judge the finalists and Grow America will award cash to the most innovative products.

Dive into the Grow America Experience today. It’s a fun new way to fuel business growth.

Click Here to Enter Grow America’s Innovative Product Competition Now!

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