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A new company is making its mark in the home furnishings industry by following in the footsteps of established direct selling companies like Mary Kay and Avon. That company is Decor To Door.

Like other direct selling companies, they offer people an opportunity to sign on with their company and sell their products. Their reps bring in sales, and make some money in the process. In turn, Decor To Door has the opportunity to introduce their products into a variety of homes. Fashionable people want their home to look good too, and they fill that need with the help of their reps. Their products range for nearly every area of the home.

I recently had the opportunity to ask the great minds behind the company, Patricia and Beatriz, a couple questions about their business and their opportunity.

Tell us a little about Decor to Door.

Decor to Door is an emerging retailer of stylish and affordable, high-quality home furnishings and home decor, offered exclusively through our team of independent sales representatives in the party plan setting.

What inspired it?

It all started with a great idea centered on the fact that our surroundings can and do profoundly affect our state of mind. Your home environment and the freedom to enjoy it are every bit as vital to your well being as financial stability. Yet for the majority of Americans, these two essentials are mutually exclusive. “Choose!” we’re told, over and over again. “Do you want a career, or calm weekends? Financial freedom, or family time?” The fact is that no one should be forced to make such an unfair choice. And in 2011, we decided to do something about it.

What are some of the products you offer?

We offer an ever-changing inventory of home furnishings and home decor including sofas & love seats, cabinets, tables and chairs, lanterns and candle holders, picture frames, mirrors, dinnerware and serving pieces, outdoor furniture, wall and accent decor… Basically something for every corner of your home.

Tell us about your opportunity.

We have a really exciting opportunity for those ready to take control of both their lives and their financial future, while helping others to feel better about themselves by making their house a home. For only $249 a prospective rep can get started and will receive everything they need to start selling, making money and be on “their” road to success!. Our motto is “Style Made Simple” and we mean it! Each New Rep Starter Kit includes a dozen beautiful and easy to transport items from our inventory. These will be used by rep’s to demonstrate the fit and finish and excellent quality of our product to would-be customers. And, because we want it to be “easy,” everything fits into a handy tote that is also included. No lugging around boxes of product here!

New rep’s also receive a fast-paced and easy to follow manual for success, sales forms to take down all of those customer orders, business cards, promotional postcards, product catalogs and a few other surprises. We want our rep’s to hit the ground running out of the gate and be able to make their new direct selling business a success, quickly.

One other great benefit of becoming a new rep is to take advantage of our Decor to Door Turn-Key Marketing Solution.

What are your requirements for becoming a rep?

The cost to become a rep is $249 and we make it really easy to join. Prospective rep’s simply visit our Become A Rep page, click purchase, and they are done. From there, they receive access and instructions how to complete our online Independent Representative Agreement and once their application is approved and processed, their New Rep Starter Kit is in the mail.

What separates you from other direct selling opportunities available today?

There are several things including a vast and ever-changing product line and will be adding new items on a regular basis to keep things fresh and exciting, allowing shoppers the ability to furnish and decorate their entire home.

From the rep’s standpoint, two things are worth mentioning:

(1) Turn-Key Marketing Solution – Not only do we produce and send out continuous drip marketing to prospects & customers via email as a company, we also do the same and brand it to come from the rep’s. In addition, the very moment a rep schedules a home party on our automated system found on our website, our team goes to work behind the scenes promoting that party to all of the scheduled attendees. The reps don’t have to lift a finger other than providing us with some basic info such as time, place, attendees, etc… As an example, their party is a week out all of those scheduled to attend will have received a steady flow of marketing, potential products, info on our latest offers & incentives, etc… all branded to look as if its coming from the rep and when they show up at the party they will already have some ideas about what they would like to purchase and and be ready to buy. And again, the reps don’t have to worry bout it. It really lifts a huge burden off of their shoulders and allows them to do what they do best, make new connections, book more parties, sell product and keep in touch with their existing customers. I really think its going to hake up the industry in a good way!

(2) Technology – We embrace technology and are not operating like a traditional brick and mortar operation, with needless levels of management and staffing. Rep’s and customers will able to shop, process orders, get questions answered, etc… all from our website. We even have a “Live Chat” feature that customers love. If someone has a question, they can receive an answer quickly by using our LIve Chat feature or email. Rep’s and customers alike deserve outstanding service and attention. By utilizing tools like LIve Chat and operating efficiently at all levels will allow us to accomplish that.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish over the next year or so?

We want to bring on our first 1000 reps and launch our charitable foundation, that will assist those who don’t have a home or have been displaced. Helping those less fortunate or are going through a difficult is one of the most things we can do and everyone needs to do their part each and every day. The smallest things can really make a difference, helping to turn someone’s situation around for the better. Constant success in the “giving back department” should be equally as important to a company and its leadership as their bottom line.

What are some of the lessons your business has taught you?

The world is changing and the traditional ways of doing business are changing as well. Companies have to be more efficient & proactive than ever before. They have to break the mold of how things have been done in the past in almost ever area except one, how they treat their customers and employees or in our case, our independent sales rep’s. We are constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better and assist our reps in being the best they can be. At the end of the day, those two things are why we are here.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would really like to invite those that are ready to make a positive change in their lives or whom have been struggling to take a look at our opportunity and become a rep. Its tough out there right now and we want to help. Being great at sales is not a requisite for success. Making friends, building relationships, helping others and wanting to succeed is really what its all about.

Do you have any advice that you would like to offer potential Representatives before they sign up?

Yes, you can do this! We have created a simple system that is easy to follow and implement, put together a fantastic product line and topped it off with top-notch support. And, its only going to get better! Now is the time to take the next step!

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