Lice Removal is Still Big Business

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It’s a lousy job, but somebody has to do it. Meet Paula Salas, a professional nitpicker.

Salas is the owner of Kooty Katchers, a lice removal company. After months of in-home appointments, she opened a bricks-and-mortar location in November. Her office is tucked into a discreet office park on Southcross Drive West, at the end of a long stairway. Once inside, Kooty Katchers looks much like a hair salon, with bright paintings on the walls, an abundance of People Magazines and what seems to be a typical stylist’s chair.

Then Salas gets down to business. She straps on a headlamp and turns on two high powered lights. Her weapon?: The Terminator, a heavy duty stainless steel comb specially designed to smoke out her foe—the creepy, crawly, ever-present louse.

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