Storm Chasing Tourism

I’m from California and we have earthquakes. It’s just part of living here for me, but I’m sure that people in the midwest are frightened by the idea. I know how they feel. Their tornados scare me.

But, do tornados excite you? Have you ever wanted to chase a storm?

Two of the world’s best storm enthusiasts have created their own severe weather intercept expedition tourism company. That’s a mouthful, but I’m sure that it’s a more exciting tour than I’ve ever been on.

Where else can you:

  • Collect 4” hail
  • See sixteen tornados in one day!

Silver Lining Tours is owned and operated by two of the world’s most respected storm chasers, Dr. David Gold and Roger Hill. We combine our years of experience and storm chasing expertise with our state-of-the-art technology to produce consistently excellent results year after year. We are totally dedicated to making sure that you have the most rewarding and exciting storm chasing vacation that money can buy

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