Robot Butlers Coming

Is a robot butler in your future? Fast Company thinks so.

PAL Robotics has been working on its REEM-x lineup of wheeled humanoid robots for some time. Now it’s just revealed its newest edition, simply called REEM, which is its first commercial offering. He’s a genuine robot butler.

The latest prototype REEM is about five feet five inches in height, and has a mobile base that enables the robot to move at 3 miles per hour. The advanced capabilities of REEM include a motorized head with vision, face tracking and recognition functions. Furthermore, the robot contains sensors and a multimedia touch screen that can offer information in various formats, as well as the ability to speak to a help desk attendant via video conference. It has a small platform, which can be used to transport objects (e.g. a trolley) and contains a lithium battery that lasts up to eight hours, allowing the robot to move around autonomously without the need of cables or human assistance.

More info about the robot can be found in the PAL Robotics brochure (PDF).

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