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Medical tech company [Becton Dickinson is launching a line of 30 generic, pre-filled syringes](Becton Dickinson):

Pre-filled syringes in commonly-used dosages can help prevent medication errors since each syringe has its own barcode and label, says Sebree. “Because these products are pre-filled and pre-labeled, and because the vast majority of these drugs are actually administered at the bedside, the label travels all the way to the patient,” meaning physicians or nurses get a second look just before giving an injection. Pre-filled injections also eliminate “the possibility of transcription error,” or incorrect data entry, one of the leading causes of medication error, says Sebree.

“We’re entering a market that, by our assessment, is worth $1.2 billion…our products will target 50% to 70% of that market,” says Sebree, adding that several group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have already signed agreements with BD Rx to purchase the syringes. The BD Simplist line of pre-filled syringes will be priced slightly higher than traditional injections, but at the hospital level, “there doesn’t seem to be any level of surprise about the price we’re requesting for these products,” says Sebree.