Doronofir Casting

Are you an expert at hiring the perfect employee? Do you want to me on television?

A major cable TV network and Stone & Co. Entertainment are looking for the perfect industry leading professional to star in a new television pilot set in the high stakes world of business.

The project will focus on the elusive task: How to HIRE the PERFECT EMPLOYEE?

We are actively conducting a nationwide search for a dynamic, forward thinking HR consultant, headhunter, behaviorist, motivational speaker, etc. like you, whose background, experience and interests involve helping companies of all kinds hire impactful employees.

If you have a top business background and a strong hiring philosophy that you can articulate and present confidently and informatively we want to hear from you.

If you have an interest in promoting yourself as a world leader in the methods of productive hiring we want to hear from you. The pilot episode will focus on helping mid-sized business access new and innovative techniques in hiring strategies.

To find out more please contact: [email protected].