New And Used Lego Retail Store

Would you start a retail store selling dolls for boys that were only one and a half inches tall? A Beaverton, Oregon man did just that. Though we don’t often think of the toys he sells as dolls — that’s what they really are. The dolls: Lego minifigs. The store: Bricks & Minifigs.

OregonLive has more:

The 800-square-foot store on Cedar Hills Boulevard opened in April and has enjoyed growing success selling used, rare and collectible Lego sets. With other locations in Canby and Battle Ground, Bricks & Minifigs thrives on what co-owner John Masek calls “stuff that can’t be found anymore.”

Nostalgia has always sold, from vintage clothes to souped-up ’60s muscle cars to Star Wars memorabilia. But the appeal of used Legos, which were first produced in 1932, seems to span a wider niche including kids of all ages, robotics teams and middle-aged enthusiasts.

“The response is crazy,” said Masek, 38, of Canby. “Our business has just grown incrementally every month.”

That popularity has struck others as well, including a local Lego club and a toy store that had to change its business model in the past year.

Like many other niche toy stores, Bricks & Minifigs began as an online-only business.

More about the company:

Bricks & Minifigs™ is your one-stop LEGO® shop! We are the largest toy store of our kind, specializing in only new and used LEGO® items. You won’t find anything in our stores except shelves full of new and used sets, individual bricks, and minifigures of all types.

We buy and trade all things LEGO®, from tubs of bulk to storage unit sized collections. If it’s LEGO®, we’ll take it!!

If you are a ‘my own creation or MOC’ fan, you will enjoy our MILLIONS of individual and bulk bricks, components and accessories. If you enjoy building complete sets, we carry tons of new, used and retired sets to keep your collection growing!

Our staff of knowledgeable and friendly experts can assist you in designing your dream LEGO® project, or help you locate that hard-to-find treasure. We carry LEGO for both the avid builder as well as customers who are looking for that perfect gift for the Lego lover in their life.

Franchises are available.

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