Peach mac

PeachMac’s founders, Darryl and Anne Lyndon Peck, have been in the Apple/Macintosh market for over 20 years. In 2007, they decided to make time for their family, and so opened a small retail and service store specializing in Apple products in Athens, Georgia.

Quickly, Peck found that his new business venture posed a challenge: How could he maintain and support the Apple brand, while also being competitive with Apple stores?

He spoke about this with’s Nicole Carter.

His secret?

PeachMac is an Apple Premier Specialist, which is the highest level of independent sellers the brand has. It means that more than 70 percent of the store’s computer sales are Apple, and for us it’s a 100 percent. But where we stand apart is in accessories. Whereas they sell maybe 300 or so different accessories, we sell around 1,500. We also test everything, and make sure it is up to snuff for our customer.

What they’re doing seems to be working. They now have eight locations.