Spicy Niche


To try to wow consumers, some entrepreneurs are giving their food products an ethnic twist by sprinkling in ancient spices. They’re adding everything from ginger and turmeric to more exotic spices like Shichimi (Japanese seven-flavor chili) to tickle the taste buds.

“Americans love flavorful foods,” says Tammy Katz, chief executive at Katz Marketing Solutions, a food and beverage marketing consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, “nutritionally conscious consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of these spices.” Because spices add flavor, there’s no need to overload food with sugar or salt. And some spices like ginger and turmeric are thought to benefit digestion and decrease inflammation, respectively, Katz says.

Here are three companies that are growing their businesses by spicing up their product lines:

Compartes Chocolatier
Product: Spice-infused chocolates, including ginger, shichimi, lemongrass and more
Founder: Jonathan Grahm

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