Biz Blogger: Matthew Toren


What’s your name, blog name and URL?

Matthew Toren of Entrepreneur Blog.

What’s your background and day job?

Serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and award winning author of and, Co-Founder of,

How long have you been blogging? 10 years

How’d you get into blogging? My passion has always been entrepreneurship

How often do you blog? 3 times per week on average

What do you primarily blog about? I blog about entrepreneurship, ways for your blog to make money, personal development, social media and much more…

What are your three favorite posts that you’ve done?

  1. Top 50 “Mommy Blogs”
  2. 7 Low-Budget Small Business Marketing Ideas
  3. Profiting with Pinterest

What are three blogs you couldn’t live without?

  1. 2.

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