Agent to the Youtube Stars


Such are the realities of fame in today’s interconnected world. Never, in the history of show-business, have so many become known so fast for doing so little. If you have a phone with a video camera (which pretty much all do these days) and access to the internet, then you have the tools you need to go “viral” – the term for a film that spreads rapidly over the web.

It’s created an attention-seekers’ paradise, with only one drawback: until recently none of them had been able to work out how to make any money. Many of the videos that have topped the charts since YouTube was founded in 2005 – like the “Evolution of Dance” (a six-minute dance routine that has been watched almost 200 million times) – have earned next to nothing for their creators. And some of the creators not only failed to profit, they didn’t even want to be famous in the first place.

To you, they’re just funny videos, but to Damian Collier they’re business opportunities.

Video of the “Evolution of Dance” after the jump.

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