Appointlet: Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Every single day, nearly every single business sets appointments. Plumbers schedule unclogging pipes, hairdressers schedule haircuts, dog walkers schedule walks and masseuses schedule massages. And yet, this is a real life activity that hasn’t yet translated well online. Because it is such a simple task to accomplish in the real world, whether it be via a schedule book or a program on a computer, it works both in person and over the phone. It is probably for this reason that any easy drop-in solution for doing it online has never really taken off.

I recently discovered Appointlet and am hopeful that they’ve finally figured out a solution that will work for all kinds of small businesses. Appointlet is a web service that allows you to embed a scheduling application right into your website. The app writes all of the scheduling data to your Google calendar for easy access both on the web, or via any calendar software you might use on your computer.

The process is really simple:

You create an account on

Define your services, how long they take and how much they cost.

Setup your staff members. If you are a one man operation, this’ll be you. If you have employees that also take appointments, enter them here.

Connect your account with your Google Calendar account.

Determine any lead time and cancelation policies.

Setup how you’d like to be notified upon a new appointment.

You paste a piece of javascript code into your website and you’re done!

Here’s the link to my demo scheduler.

The software is free for small businesses with 1 staff member, 1 service and unlimited appointments. $10 per month gets you “1 Staff Member, Unlimited Services and Appointments, Custom Scheduler Branding, and Email Reminders for your Clients,” while $25 gets you unlimited everything.

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