Know a person at work that would be perfect for The Heinz Ketchup Award for always making others wait?

How about “The Human Vulture Award For Eating Anything Found Lying Around” for the person always stealing your lunch?

Small businesses are looking for ways to cut thelr budgets and one of the first thlngs to go ls the hollday party. Trlm the budget, but don’t cut the humor, says comedian Larry Weaver, author of the new book, Funny Employee Awards, Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony.

Weaver’s book glves tlps on how to organlze an event to show gratitude and motivate employees. There are 101 professionally deslgned and funny awards that can be printed, framed, and presented. Award categories range from Job Well Done to Poklng Light Fun, and Weaver reveals how to pull off the party
without embarrasslng anyone or getting In trouble with human resources.

Some other Funny Awards:

The Jeff Gordon Award for racing away from work the fastest.
The Deer ln the Headlights Award for most confused.
The Loch Ness Award for least likely to be found.
The American Express Award for always taking credlt.

Editor note: Weaver has taken a simple idea based on a holiday and put together a package with a reasonable price ($30). Now he makes it a digital download so he doesn’t have to have books in inventory and he doesn’t have to ship anything.

He just sits back and let’s his web site do all the heavy lifting. All he has to do is promote the book and web site through radio shows, press releases and personal appearances.

Photo by Larry Weaver.

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