The Restroom Business: 2theloo

OK, this is the weirdest business I’ve seen all day.

2theloo (to the loo) is a chain of Dutch restrooms. Each visit to the restroom costs 0.50 euros ($0.68). It seems, that in Europe, restrooms are not considered a public service and you pretty much have to pay for them everywhere.

2theloo was created in 2011 because we thought it is strange that even in the busiest places it was difficult to find a clean restroom. Even though that would be the perfect place to have one.

That’s why on February 17th we opened our first restroom shop in Amsterdam and in the coming months we will be opening many more in shopping districts, shopping centers and train and gas stations all over Europe.

Besides clean toilets, we provide a variety of other services, like a shop with toiletry-related products and sometimes even a coffee corner.

2theloo strives to provide you with the best service and a pleasant, clean restroom experience. In addition, we’ll surprise you with special restroom designs by artists, illustrators, and sculptors. We hope to see you soon at 2theloo!

2theloo is looking for franchise partners and commercial property owners in all countries.

Would something like this fly in your town? I know it wouldn’t in mine, but we’re very rural here. We live so far out in the country that my young boys are accustomed to finding a tree. We’ve actually had “situations” in lawn and garden centers when we visit the big city.

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