The Rise Of Standing Desks, The Fall Of Sitting

The latest trend has people getting out of their seat and standing. That trend is the standing desk, of course. Here are some desks, shared by VentureBeat, you may want to look at.

One of the most popular is the Standesk 2200, hacked by Colin Nederkoorn, founder of for just $22. At the co-working offices at General Assembly in New York where he debuted the desk, word spread quickly. Soon all the cool entrepreneurs wanted one.

McDonley’s “The Ninja Standing Desk,” is designed for mobile, young professionals. It hangs from any door, wall, or cubicle, and folds up so you can carry it with you.

He told me he was experiencing debilitating back pain numbness in his elbow from sitting at a computer all day — he created a prototype for his personal use. It worked, so he began taking manufacturing classes at TechShop, the mecca for hardware folks, located in San Francisco and Menlo Park.

Do you prefer the idea of standing or sitting at your desk?

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