Bootstrap This: A Free CRM, Project Manager and Enterprise Network for Small Businesses

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Money is always an issue for startups and small businesses. So if you are in the bootstrap mode, take note of – new social enterprise network launched by BitrixSoft (the #2 maker of intranet CMS behind Microsoft).

If your company is smaller than 12 employees, Bitrix24 offers you free social intranet, free CRM, free task scheduler and project manager, free calendar and free document storage/sharing. Those with over 12 employees have two monthly plans to choose from – $99/mo and $199/mo. These plans offer extranet integration (handy, if you work with a lot of outside vendors or freelancers), time management module and a variety of reporting tools – from absentee charts to personal performance reports.

Unlike other similar services, Bitrix24 doesn’t have any additional charges for adding extra employees on the two paid plans (other services typically charge $5/mo per employee over the limit). Rather the $99/mo plan comes with a 50 GB space limit and $199/mo plan is limited to 100 GB of cloud-based storage. Additional disk space can be purchased, if necessary.

Both free and paid versions of Bitrix24 are integrated with iPhone and Android based devices and can be accessed via any smartphone or Tablet PC with Internet access.

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