Niche Biz: Custom Jeans

Denm bar

den.m bar is a custom blue jean shop in Los Angeles, California. They have turned jean buying into a premium customer experience with a user-friendly online shop that walks the customer through the process of creating their own pair of custom jeans from start to finish. Starting with fabric selection, customers can choose not only the type of denim they prefer, but also the style, color, and any additional accessories. Then, an experienced tailor crafts the custom jeans to the exact specifications of the customer. Unfortunately, the process isn’t fast. Each pair of denim usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete and starts at about $300.

I recently had a opportunity to speak to Derek Yip, one of the cofounders.

How’d you guys get into this business?

Richard, one of the cofounders, always had the idea but never really got to actually doing till he saw a inspirational article that was done on 3×1. After reading it and realizing that there was nothing like that in the Los Angeles area, he put together a fantastic team to try and do something similar.

What’s your background?

My background is in business marketing and I’ve been in the corporate world ever since college. What I do at den.m bar ranges from marketing, business development, store operations, and many others. Being that our team is relatively small, we all have to wear many hats as I’m sure you know. There are 3 other partners and 3 other employees in our company.

Sounds like an exciting place to be. I look forward to seeing how your business grows.

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