How QR Codes Can Work For You

The black-and-white, two-dimensional matrix barcodes are made for easy linking to content on smartphones. Instead of browsing the Internet, a person can scan a QR code — that can be found in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, almost anywhere — and get specific information about a menu, a store sale, or video about a product.

The QR codes on Rai’s building get plenty of looks. He’s hoping people will take out their mobile phones from the street or from their cars and be curious enough to take the next step and come inside to view his monthly specials and perhaps make a purchase. The codes can be scanned as far away as 40 feet from the store.

“A lot of people ask us about it all of the time, and a lot of people scan it. We probably get eight to 10 hits (on his QR code source provider’s site) a day,” Rai said.

Photo by giaLLLO!

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