Key Me: Completely Rethinking House Keys

Key me

A company called Key Me wants to store your house key in the cloud.

It’s not some new fangled way to open your door, rather, their plan is to make a digital copy of your key, so that if you ever need to make a copy you don’t need the original. You can just visit one of their kiosks (currently in five 7-11s in NYC) and after verifying yourself, print yourself a new house key.

They expect that their customers will be people who’ve lost their keys and need a new one without having to call a locksmith out to rekey all the locks.

What do you think? Is this a valid business idea? In my mind, if I lost my keys, I would be more afraid of someone finding them, then figuring out that they were mine, and then coming to my house when I’m gone and stealing everything. Is this fear even valid outside of my rural lifestyle? Does anyone in a big city worry that if they lose their keys that someone will be able to identify them?

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