June 2013

Citizen Journalism: NewsIt

Cassandra Daily: Journalist Melinda Wittstock, harnessing both crowdsourcing and gamification, hopes to create a flourishing source of citizen journalism with her new reporting platform NewsiT . Participants in Wittstock’s mobile, crowd-reporting experiment accept distinct tasks in order to contribute to evolving news items. They can opt to interview a source, capture an image, or check

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The Tires of the Future

The high performance tyre of the future will be very different to the tires we drive on today, if the results of a recent design competition are a guide. Hankook Tire recently sponsored a competition of some of the best industrial design students in the US to reimagine the tires of the future.

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Niche Biz: Custom Jeans

den.m bar is a custom blue jean shop in Los Angeles, California. They have turned jean buying into a premium customer experience with a user-friendly online shop that walks the customer through the process of creating their own pair of custom jeans from start to finish. Starting with fabric selection, customers can choose not only

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