Rent a Kitchen, From Unemployed to Rental Cook


What pushed Priscilla Maddox was the relentless smell of vanilla.

Maddox was toying with launching a cookie line after retiring from her 36-year hospital care job, but was overwhelmed by the vanilla smell in her apartment. When she couldn’t find a kitchen to rent, she started a rent-a-kitchen that has become a small-business incubator for everyone from a fudge maker to a twosome baking gourmet dog food.

Across the country, from Austin to Los Angeles to Chicago, renting commercial kitchens by the hour has become a cottage industry. And as the nation’s economy has begun to weaken, many newly-unemployed home cooks are looking to those kitchens for a new line of work. For those that come to Kitchen For Hire, be prepared to get a big serving of advice before you’re allowed to turn on the oven. Maddox is not shy about telling potential customers that their business strategy isn’t right, labels aren’t catchy enough, or the food just isn’t marketable.

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